​​Illinois Women's Rugby

Its not just a sport, its a legacy of sisterhood


We welcome each and every girl interested in playing a sport that emphasizes on the power and ruggedness of the human anatomy; one that forms a lifetime bond between each and every player. Get the choice to go on fun road trips, gain fitness knowledge, network with our extensive alum, and meet other woman just like you across the nation! Our lovely Lady Illini will make sure it's the best decision you've made. Come see one of our games or go to our open practices.

Join Us

Are there tryouts? 
Nope, and you don't need experience to join either (although having a sports background does help). Come to practice and we'll show you what you need to know. 
How can I play when I don't even know the rules? 
Rugby does have lots of small rules and stipulations but you don't necessarily need to know them when you're just beginning. As long as you have a general idea of how the game works you'll be fine. A fuller understanding of the rules will come as you continue to play. 
Am I too big or too small for rugby?
Probably one of the coolest things about rugby is that all shapes and sizes can find a place on the pitch. There are positions for every physique. 
Will I get injured? 
Like all contact sports, there is always a chance of injury but they don't happen in rugby as often as most people think. Most injuries occur because of girls being hesitant. Don't fear though, at practices we will teach you what you need to know so that you'll be confident on the pitch and decrease your chances of getting hurt. 
What gear should I bring to practices? 
If you have cleats please bring them, gym shoes are ok in the beginning. You will need a mouthguard. Don't forget to bring a good attitude and an open mind!